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What work is it, if you have a foreign passport, a vaccination certificate and an ID card with an addendum' Diya» /></p>
<p>In a singsong voice, having reminded many of you that after the beginning of a large-scale war on the 24th of February, all the documents were obtained from the addendum "Diya". On the right, for the safety of the citizens, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has included the Unified State Demographic Register. Ale, at the same time, the yogo robot was reinvented.</p>
<h3>How to rotate documents</h3>
<p>So that the documents are updated again, you need to re-enter the Diya add-ons. After another foreign passport, identification number of the tax payer, that ID-card will be automatically submitted. What is the cost of a vaccination certificate, it needs to be re-generated. The editors of <strong>gg</strong> have revised everything. Work without problems.</p>
<p>For a guess, the appendices of "Diya" were recently given "eDocument", which was used to collect passport data and the identification number of a physical individual. Such a document will be in good time for those who, through the war in Ukraine, have used their paper passport. The document is relevant for the last period of the military camp in the country. Yogo can be shown at checkpoints. Before the speech, at the same time, the addition of "Diya" <a href=' can also be victorious for a trip to Poland and Moldova.